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Creating a Beautiful Flower Garden

A beautiful garden where one can relax and enjoy the finer things in life is defined by a quality tree seat which is surrounded with the most beautiful wildlife and plants and for that reason many gardeners put a lot of effort and time into creating a beautiful flower garden that attracts honey bees and butterflies as well as many envy looks. Creation of a beautiful garden with some teak outdoor patio furniture that will delight you from spring to autumn and enhance the beauty of your house requires a lot of planning as well as a lot of patience. Most gardeners plan their garden as much as 10 years in advance.

Before you start choosing flowers for your future flower garden there are several things you need to do first in order to make sure that your flowers will have optimal conditions for growth. Location of the garden plays much more important role than many beginner gardeners are aware of. Different plants require different conditions for growth but the vast majority will grow best if receiving lots of direct sunlight. For that reason you should make sure that the chosen location for your future flower garden receives at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. If not, you should seriously consider choosing another location or inform yourself about flowers that grow well in shady areas as well.

Rich, fertile soil is just as important as choice of proper location. Most flowers prefer rich soil that is neutral or slightly alkaline. Get a soil test kit to make sure that the soil provides optimal conditions for plant growth. If the test shows that you have neutral or slightly alkaline soil, you can get to work immediately but if your soil is too acid, you should add some organic material such as compost or mulch. Both are also an excellent solution for too sandy and too clayey soil.

You can get to more fun part – flower selection only when you have made sure that the chosen location for garden and soil provide optimal conditions for plant growth. However, selection of flowers for your future garden is not as easy as it seems either. Choosing flowers according to their appearance only is not a good idea. Different plants require different conditions for optimal growth which besides adequate amount of sunlight, more or less frequent watering and optimal soil conditions require proper temperatures. For that reason you should inform yourself about flowers that grow well in your area and climate and select flowers according to your climate. This means that choosing tropical and subtropical flowers is not the best idea if having a continental climate, unless you intend to store them during the winter.If storing in a heated greenhouse ensure you choose a greener and cheaper business electricity.

Convenience is another major factor that should be taken into account when selecting flowers for your future garden. Some flowers such as baobab require a lot of care, while the others will delight you with minimal care except for occasional weeding and watering if necessary. If you are a beginner gardener, you are highly recommended to inform yourself about the amount and type of care that is required for particular plant. Ask for advice an experienced gardener or a florist if you know one or get yourself a gardening book. Very helpful are also various gardening magazines and gardening websites where you can find numerous useful tips on plant growth and care.

Annual or perennials is another major factor in regard to convenience. Like their name suggests, annuals need to planted every year which can be very challenging if you plan to have a large garden. Perennials are very convenient because they are virtually eternal. You simply remove surplus flowers and you are done. However, some perennials may take a two or more years to reach they full size but you can easily fill the empty space with annual plants meanwhile. A rewarding addition to your garden, are colourful perennial flower seeds sowed in a good quality rich soil. Use a good quality flower seed to ensure good coverage of your garden area.

And the last but not the least important is to provide your flowers all the necessary nutrients and protect them from pests and diseases. However, stay away from harmful chemicals and pesticides because there is no need to add any poisons to your garden. In the contrary, you can easily nourish your flowers with organic fertilizers such as compost, while organic pesticides are just as effective in repelling, mitigating and killing pests as the chemical ones that do not just kill the harmful insects but the good ones too including honey bees. Another way to avoid the use of hazardous chemicals in your flower garden is to choose flowers that are less prone to diseases and pests. With so many beautiful flowers available you should have any difficulties finding equally beautiful alternative to plants that are known to be vulnerable to pests and diseases.